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San Antonio, Tx., U.S.A.

I have been "Playing around" in Mandelbulb 3D for almost two years and I am stilling learning new tricks about the software almost daily!

I have created over a thousand images with the program and can see a visible improvement in the quality of my images and my skill level.

There are lots of others Fractal artist out there that have great images as well. But I kept hearing from people that I should try and sell my art. So, that is why I created this Fan Page. To put my art in front of more people. If you landed on this page and saw something you liked, Please...Tell a Friend!

Thanks for stopping by!

I just lower all prices on Fine Art America by $10.00 per image! Regardless of image size! All Framed Prints, all canvas prints, metal prints, acrylic prints, even greeting cards have been reduced!

My ART is NOT TO BE POSTED ON ANY OTHER INTERNET SITE FOR DOWNLOAD. You MUST get my permission in writing to post this art on ANY site on the Internet.

My images may not to be changed, added to, cropped, used as a background for your art, or altered in any way unless you make a written request to me and I give you written permission.

I have been selected as the very first fractal artist to be featured on the great website! To say the least, I was blown away and very surprised at the huge honor!

Ricky Jarnagin is a long-time digital artist. He discovered 3D fractal art in 2010 and has been working in the medium since January 2011. He creates art exclusively with Mandelbulb 3D. Of his MB3D images, Ricky says: “I fell deeply in love with creating fractals with this program.”

A Huge Honor for Me!!!

Mandelmorphosis | April 2013 cover artist DsyneGrafix.

Another regular in the Deviant Art realm Ricky has been recognized their with the DD award for his unique work - a fine honor with that crowd. We choose DsyneGrafix in part for the diligence in experimenting with variations in formulae to perfect a vision and for the ability to create composition within these complex environments. When offered all of the possible variations of frame a good artist will find the perfect composition within that frame. As those of who work in this realm know our variations are limitless and it is those who persevere with details that find good composition. That means we have lots of experiments and handful of jewels. Ricky has the 'composition eye' and we look forward to his continue refinement of this gift as he continues to explore the realm of the Mandelbulb.

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