Traditional pencil artist

After 10 years of inactivity I recently started drawing again.

I'm from South Africa and live in Cape Town. I studied Graphic Design but mostly apply that to doing marketing and design for the night-club my husband and myself own.
After designing tattoos for us I realized how much I missed drawing and started working harder to improve.

"Who has been your favorite teacher?"
I don't think any of the professionals that were suppose to help mold my young mind had an effect on me. I can name several that were a negative influence. The person that taught me most about life and art is my mother. She is an artist in her own right and gave me a love for all forms of creativity.

"How did you find Shadowness?"
I'm a member of Deviant Art and was invited by May Fong.

"What is your favorite non-art related activity?"
I LOVE reading. I wish I had more hands and eyes to draw and read at the same time.
I enjoy designing and making my own clothes...it's a goth thing.