With the Seasons by Dream9Studios

With the Seasons

by Dream9Studios in The Dark Times

Creation Date: December 17, 2012

Tears like rain, emotions like seasons, they arrive and leave but will always arrive again only to once again leave.

Notes: The idea for this artwork came during a recent rain. I'm not sure what to say about it beyond that. It took a long time to render and then postwork but I believe all the time was well worth it.

Technical Notes: The "behind glass" effect was done totally in postwork. I only rendered a simple portrait using IDL and SSS with her hand seemingly in the open air. I then created the reflective glass using overlays and a few blurring and reflective tricks in Photoshop. I then added the rain drops and finished the work by applying a free PS action (see below) to give it a unique photographic look.

D9S Products Used: Miria, Cozy Icebreaker

Copyright © 2012 Lizzie Prusaczyk & Dream 9 Studios. All rights reserved.
Prints available at the D9S Art Shop: http://shop.d9s.co/

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