The Doctor Is In by Dream9Studios

The Doctor Is In

by Dream9Studios in Gift Artworks

This one was really tough because, I admit, I've never watched Doctor Who. To create this, I worked from a promotional video on YouTube. I also got some help from some fans (or "Whovians") on the forums. Why work on fan art of something I don't know about? Because this is a gift for my friend Tim who is a Doctor Who fan.
It took a lot of trial and error to get this right and I'm grateful to all those who helped me with suggestions and links to better props, etc. The morph of Matt Smith (the latest Doctor) was made by CD of Daz3D forums and then I played around with it some more in Zbrush. The Amy Pond (the girl) morph was created by another on the forums (can't remember the screenname!) and I edited it just a bit. Honestly, I thought this would be a simple artwork I could get done in a couple days. That turned out to not be the case. Oh well, I'm just glad I have created something I can be proud of and I hope Tim will like it.
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