Snowbound by Dream9Studios


by Dream9Studios in The Dark Times

Creation Date: February 12, 2014

Notes: This took three days to render properly. I kept getting about a quarter of the way through then realizing I had made a huge mistake somewhere and had to start over. I'm glad I stuck with this artwork and didn't give up on it even after the many problems I encountered along the way. It was inspired by real life, the current onslaught of constant severe winter storms has kept me trapped at home because the roads out here are dangerous to traverse even in a 4x4. I usually prefer cold weather as opposed to the extreme heat and humidity of summer but at least I can get the hell out of here during the summer.

Technical Notes: The reflection is a real raytraced reflection rendered in Poser (which is why this one took so long to render). The winter scene that is behind the glass is something I crafted in Photoshop and put in there as a flat plane prop behind the pane of reflective "glass". I'm not sure why I did it that way rather than adding the winter background scene in postwork but it turned out great so why ask questions? Postwork on this one was relatively average. The part where the two edge boards around the window meet looked very wrong the way the originally rendered so rather than change things in the scene and render again (my poor PC would kill me if I made it do that again) I just did a lot of tricky clone painting to make it seem like the bottom board is the one that overlaps (I rendered it with the vertical board overlapping). After fixing that problem, I just did my usual adjustment layers, added an icy boarder, created a soft blue vignette effect, and added a slight texture. I'm quite happy with how well this one turned out given how much trouble I initially had with it. I know I've only made three artworks so far this year, but this is already my favorite.

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