Shattered by Dream9Studios


by Dream9Studios in The Dark Times

Creation Date: September 17, 2012

The glass, like her life, has been forever shattered.

I was originally going to call this one "Cracked" but I happen to be listening to the Rolling Stones as I finished the postwork and the song "Shattered" came up. It fit so I'm using it instead. I love it when music influences my work in some way.

I rendered Nicola by herself for this with some great lighting, if I do say so myself, on a basic black background. Then I created the broken glass all in postwork using some blurry texture overlays and a broken glass brush. Then I went to work melding the two by painting my own shadows from the glass on her (there are two glass shadows, one very soft/solid and one where the light doesn't pass through the glass cracks). I enhanced the detail with some filters and here you go. I started work on this over a week or so ago but creating the perfect broken glass effect took a lot of time.

D9S Products Used: Nicola 2012

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