Need for Speed by Dream9Studios

Need for Speed

by Dream9Studios in Gift Artworks

Date Finished: November 07, 2011
This is my 2011 Xmas present for my brother, Marc. He has always loved dirt bikes and still rides them from time to time. His number is 28 so that's why I painted the 28 on the dirt bike model. I'm not sure if I got the colors of the bike and suit right though, I can't remember what he rides or wears.
I used a number of blurring techniques to create the feeling of fast movement in this piece. I tried to make it look like he was riding the bike on a dirt track in the country like my brother would. I like this one a lot better than last years. I hope my brother hangs this one on his wall with pride. (He might have hung the other one up too, I don't know because I haven't been to his house in quite a while.)
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