Monsters I See by Dream9Studios

Monsters I See

by Dream9Studios in The Dark Times

Date Finished: January 06, 2012
This is a darker take, a redux, of an artwork I originally created in 2010 with a longer title. If I remember correctly, the idea came to me as I was passing by the bathroom mirror. For the record, I've never hallucinated gremlins. Shadows, things at the edge of sight, things crawling on me... yes, but nothing as complex as a monster. Still, what I have seen can still be terrifying.
The reflection of the woman and room along with the shine from the window was all done inside Poser. I rendered the monsters separately then overlayed them onto the mirror in post-work. The mirror looked flat in the final render so I added some glassy reflection type texture in post-work as well. The broken glass effect was painted with brushes. I then enhanced everything with filters and adjustments layers. All post-work was done in Photoshop.
I love this new take on my old idea. It's far superior, in my opinion.
Copyright © 2012 Lizzie Prusaczyk & Dream 9 Studios. All rights reserved.
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