Missed Chance by Dream9Studios

Missed Chance

by Dream9Studios in The Dark Times

Date Finished: April 09, 2012

We've all missed chances at something. Some are more painful than others. Some are missed forever.

The original idea for this artwork came from one I did in February of 2009. That first try at an artwork with this idea looked good at the time but my skills have improved by leaps and bounds since then so I decided to give it another try. The emotions remain the same but the art has vastly improved.

I actually thought I had this artwork done yesterday but then I looked at it again after a few hours and realized it wasn't quite what I wanted and I knew I could do better. Several hours later with a lot of concept work (making a small version and trying out several post-work techniques to see what works and what doesn't) I came up with what you see here. I like it now; before it was too plain and flat.

Copyright © 2012 Lizzie Prusaczyk & Dream 9 Studios. All rights reserved.
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