JoSB: Chapter 4 Art by Dream9Studios

JoSB: Chapter 4 Art

by Dream9Studios in Journeys of Shelby Bly

For this artwork for Chapter 4, I used both Shelby and Jace in the treasure room of the Egyptian temple where the third mapstone is found. This is my second shot at this where I mostly just fixed and tweaked my first attempt. I had to remove props that didn't belong (she doesn't wear the earpiece in Chapter 4!) and tweak the poses, and reposition a few things. I then post-worked it the same as before because that's the same look I want for all the book art.

I do think this is my favorite book art so far and it's probably because both Shelby and Jace are on it. They have a great dynamic. I also just love all things Egypt. I'm not sure what I could do to improve this, or if anything needs fixing. I do believe it is finished... for now.

Today I updated this artwork with a few minor fixes. I lessened the depth of field effect since the background isn't that far away and I swung her pendant to the side because it didn't look like it was reacting to gravity correctly. Now it's finished!

Last Updated: May 19, 2012

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