I Am Spartan by Dream9Studios

I Am Spartan

by Dream9Studios in The Dream Times

Creation Date: January 18, 2014

A lone warrior of Ancient Sparta stands looking at the sunset after a grueling battle and before the next.

Notes: My first new artwork in almost a year. It's simple but a good one to get me started going again. I've the idea for this written in my notebook for ages (I don't even remember what the original inspiration was) but I finally decided to go ahead and get this one done. I think it turned out fairly well in the end. If I were to be totally historically accurate, I don't think he would have the loincloth. That seems odd to me since, wouldn't "things" get in the way? I need to start re-reading my history books, I've forgotten too much. Other than that, I like the way this turned out; it's what I had in mind when I started and has just the right amount of drama that I wanted.

Technical Notes: Most of the "drama" in this work was created with a variety of overlays, a great painted sunset (if I do say so myself), and surprisingly good lighting considering how out of practice I am. The pose of the figure fits the scene well too. I wanted him to look sweaty, like he had just come out of battle, but I think he looks a little too much closer to shiny plastic. I may have to come back to this one later once I'm back to being good at this again. At least I remembered how to use overlays and it's amazing how quickly all those Photoshop shortcut key combinations came back to me after a year of not using them.

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