Escape by Dream9Studios

This is my 2011 Xmas present for my friend Stephanie (Stevie). My original idea was to create something with Tomb Raider's Lara Croft but it wasn't looking right and I did that last year. This year I decided to do something for another fandom we share, Star Wars! It's rather simple yet still quite cool, I hope.
I used my already created Rickard character and made a character that looks kind of like Princess Leia. She looks just like the photo reference I have without an expression, with... she looks like in the artwork. As any fan can easily see, I took some artistic liberties. I tried making a realistic belt for Leia but couldn't come up with anything that looked right so I just went with a solid silver fabric belt. Same thing with her hair, I never really liked the "buns on ears" thing anyway. All I can do is hope it's close enough for Stevie to like it.
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