All That Remains by Dream9Studios

All That Remains

by Dream9Studios in The Dark Times

Creation Date: January 09, 2013

The love was lost long ago but the heart will always remain.

Notes: Although this is a brand new artwork, I did create something vaguely similar back in late 2009 featuring a ghost and a "Dear Jane" letter. About the only things similar are the pictures of a lost love, a decrepit room with cobwebs, and a lonely figure lost in time. Overall though, it's brand new.

This is a conceptual piece that reflects my currently dark mood with its macabre theme. The inspiration for this struck me, out of the blue, about two or three nights ago then I immediately set about creating it before the idea slipped out of my head. I've got to say though, posing that skeleton was not as easy as posing most other figures and getting all the materials to look like everything was mean to go together when I actually cobbled together many prop sets... all worth it in the end though.

Technical Notes: The light setup (all traditional lighting) was actually a mess. I had about a dozen lights but only two or three really made any difference in the scene. The photos on the table were also rendered by me in three separate scenes which I then "aged" in Photoshop before adding them as textures for the photo frames. After rendering the main scene, I used a few actions to aged the scene then added some enhancement layers for color and contrast. The most time intensive part, other than figuring out the lighting and spending a lot of time on a spotlight effect I ended up not using, was adding all the cobwebs in a logical manner. Each cobweb is on its own layer so I could control the opacity of each one and each one has a different opacity.

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