Sky Wiz Stock_001 by DragonsChyld

Sky Wiz Stock_001

by DragonsChyld in Skydancer Wizard Stock

Art Reference, Figure Studies, some stock use. May not be used for Horror,
Gore, or Sexual images. Fantasy in the vein of Frazetta, Vallejo, and so on is
allowed. NO COMMERCIAL usage without prior written permission. All rights
reserved © 2011 Dragon's Chyld Studio and Marion Z. Skydancer

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  • Submitted:Oct 20th, 2011
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  • Exposure:1/350
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  • HouseofChabrier


    He's a traveling man...made a lot of stops all over this world, and I would like to know how come there are these new black top roads, smooth as can be, not too wide going through the woods. I don't think there is a road without pot holes, gray in color, two lanes wide, and you would be run over flat in a matter of minutes around here. You are safer where you are Marion. I love the Autumn sets of photos. s

    Oct 21st, 2011 Reply
    • DragonsChyld


      Smiles. That is actually my land lords drive way, they have a lovely home back on a good bit of acreage in the mountains, and the autumn sets were shot on their property. :) Though one does have to watch out for the deer. They will flat run over you if your in their way when they come bounding across the place.

      Oct 21st, 2011 Reply