Sage for Healing by DragonsChyld

Sage for Healing

by DragonsChyld in Elder Wisdoms

Sage prayers for healing and prosperity for all those in need of help and support.

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  • CreativeOne


    You are still the man of many poses

    Feb 10th, 2012 Reply inspire & be inspired
  • HouseofChabrier


    I received a lovely scarf today, and will wear it and think of you! I'm drawing some nude sketches of the lovely simple bathing girl, and am sketching some of Missy with her husband. I'm reading up on Pen and Ink Artists Norman Lindsay, Joseph Clement Coll, Joseph Pennel, Beardsley, and others. Some are new books to me, but all are men I love their ink work. I'm going to do the pencil work first. Render different versions, and then ink! Unless of course...I get carried away and can't stay away from the ink. My leg is still being very difficult, but I'm sure if I hit my head against a wall a few times my brain would start paying less attention to the leg, and perhaps give me a break. It's so sad, but true! I spent all day reading about the art and Life of Norman Lindsay, and learning from his drawings of nudes. I look forward to drawing everyone and everything, especially the Wizard and his wonderful gesticulating hands. Spirits bless to you Marion for your friendship, your work, and all your kindness!

    Feb 9th, 2012 Reply
    • DragonsChyld


      Fabulous, I am delighted the scarf I commissioned from Misty arrived safe and sound. I gave her quite a lot of artistic license to do something appropriate to your spirit. I sent you a note on DA about a few things, and its been suggested to me that Hops extract might be of assistance in reducing inflammation. Its rather bitter but a few drops a day in a cup of tea perhaps with some honey might be helpful. I am going to look into it myself as an addition to the tart cherry. Misty is quite a talented lady as well as being a quite delightful nude muse.

      Feb 9th, 2012 Reply