Luke vs. Chris by DorothyTRose

Luke vs. Chris

by DorothyTRose in Tales of the Region

Common knowledge: Christopher Belkovich is the son of Mauve Belkovich.
Somewhat common knowledge: Mauve was a pseudo-mother to Luke Devoy.
Little known fact: Chris Belkovich ought to be like a pseudo-brother to Luke.
Common knowledge: Luke HATES Chris.

Who is Chris? Chris Belkovich is a vampire hunter, but not of the same calliber as Sanguine. He's is actually very effective at his job. This doesn't really bother Luke. He has no particular love for vampires or any other group of creatures that's not a bird. As long as Chris leaves him alone (and Chris does!), Luke doesn't care what the guy does for a living.

It's Chris' paternal heritage that makes Luke hate him so blindly.

So...what's with the image? It's just symbolic. I'm not sure if Chris lost his balance or if he's using his weight and gravity on purpose, but either way, Luke's about to get a knee in his gut. >_<

Medium: Pencil
Completed: September 6, 2010

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