Guarding by DorothyTRose

Chris Belkovich and Jaylen, his sweetheart, who also happens to be a nun. He is a vampire hunter. She is his student. She plans to do a better job than he does. We'll see about that! Right now, they're out in the middle of nowhere and she needs a bath. Vampires be everywhere, so of course, it's a gentleman's duty to guard a lady while she is vulnerable, just in case she gets attacked. And, of course, Jaylen has no idea he's watching her, which is even more proof that she needs watching. I mean...what if he was a vampire?! At least...that's how he justifies peeking on her. Tee hee.

You can find the original lineart here.

Medium: Photoshop CS
Completed: Nov. 2, 2011

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