Unholy Union (Allegory) by Doberlady

Unholy Union (Allegory)

by Doberlady in Illustrations (Writing Related)

This is the wedding picture and an illustration to my novel "Revolution". It is an allegory so the details are as just symbols.

Ricky and Rob are half brothers (their share a father) that united 3 nations under one bloodied banner.

Ricky became a dictator, and Rob does for him what Felix Dzerzhinsky used to do for Lenin ...

The marriage was arranged by Ricky, to serve his political and propaganda aims, hence - priest collar, the collar also symbolizes he not only has secular authority in his state but controls the church as well.

Rob's (the groom's) eyes are black and hollow, symbolizing that he is a monster, with blood on his hands. He stands stiff with expressionless face, void of emotions, more like a machine or a construct then human being.

Bones scattered around denote the fight for power was bloody and took many lives. The facade is crumbling and all grisly secrets and filthy crimes creep out from the dark holes and recess...

And the bride... dog collar and hands bound with ribbon show the choice was never hers. Lilly in her hair symbolizes moral purity and innocence. She is the central character, brothers are villains...

If you want to know more about Rob and his callous ways: http://sta.sh/027vw66dxx9y

Or about the bride: http://sta.sh/0q3ct8qzb9t


Ricardo, Roberto and Maria Sanchez Belong to me.

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