Priestess of the Elder  Gods by Doberlady

Priestess of the Elder Gods

by Doberlady in Dark Fantasy

The stars shall mark the time...

When the stars fade and the moon shines no more, when only dark suns rise and set, the Gate will open.
Lament thy fate Man, for the earth shall be void and cast for eternity into the abyss of decay.
And we shall know the night without cease.

He shall return, and armed with vengeful talons He shall smite the Elder Lords and rend the soul of Man.

She has heard His call, her eyes have seen forbidden Signs, she fears not the voice of the nocturnal wind...


She might have lost sight in her eye, but it was granted another sort of vision, of things to come, and of distant places...

Strange things she hides in this underground sanctuary her teacher had built, till they are big enough not to fear any man.

She goes by Caligo... though she used to have a common name, yet it is now long forgotten, as her mentor and teacher wished it...

He was not much of a killer, more of an ordinary grave robber... and a pervert and a madman. No wonder he had rotten in an asylum...

But she endured... even found a new, more sinister mentor... but that is another story and yet to be written...

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Caligo belongs to me.
Caligo stands for Darkness in Latin.


pencils on Bristol Board paper A4 310gsm

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