Young King by Diane

Young King

by Diane in Pencil Drawings

The guy is the young king of a swamp tribe. He has some piercings and tattoos on his face showing his power. He has also the longest hair of the men of the tribe to claim his king status. He's wearing lots of snails shells (on his crown, clothes, necklace), symbol of his wisdom and perseverance...
I should stop writing stupid stories...

It has been done on the cheapest printer paper found in the supermarket so kill me for my lack of will (I didn't want to go to buy good paper... too lazy to walk out of my house).

A4 paper, 0,3mm HB mechanical pencil, 2B and 8B pencils, approx 30 hours.
The hardest part to do has been the blurry one! It had just killed me!
The upper part of the head looks very crappy because of the scan I've tried to fix it but it looks bad compared to the original.

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