Poison Ivy by Diane

Poison Ivy

by Diane in Characters

Hi people ! :)
Finally, I've finished my entry for the Poison Ivy Challenge runned by Pamzylove on deviantart.
I've spent a lot of time on it, I don't like this colour scheme so it has been very challenging. I must have redone the face and hands at least 500 times....
I hope you'll like it
Feel free to comment and crit! (I don't think that I'll edit it though, I'm tired of painting her...except for minor edits)
No reference used, except for the poison ivy leaves, I've at some photos of them using google image to see how they looked like.
The anatomy must be totally off but I've really tried... I'll do better next time
Photoshop CS2, wacom intuos 3A4
40 hours approx.
I must admit that I have a hair fetish....

Edit : I've fixed some little issues, it should look better now :)

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