Spiraling out of control by DenisDervisevic

Spiraling out of control

by DenisDervisevic in Photography

Took a couple of long(er) exposure shots with my broken down LED flashing helicopter spare parts. So i'd spin it as fast as i can, snap the shutter and slowly move it away from the camera in a pitch black room. Removed misc exposed objects in photoshop.

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  • Submitted:Mar 15th, 2011
  • Resolution:3900x2600
  • Date Created:Oct 5th, 2010
  • Filesize:1 MB
  • Camera:Canon EOS 500D
  • Exposure:4/5
  • CCDWidth:18mm
  • Aperture:f/3.5
  • Focal Length:18mm
  • ISO Speed:400
  • Flash Fired:Flash did not fire, compulsory
  • Software:Adobe Photoshop CS5
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  • Caja


    Intriguing, I like it.

    Mar 15th, 2011 Reply