Geddy Lee: Rush trio pt 1 by DeanoSidwell

Geddy Lee: Rush trio pt 1

by DeanoSidwell in Celebrity drawings

Geddy Lee, the lead singer, bass guitarist and keyboard player from the prog rock band Rush.
I wanted to do something different than just a normal portrait, so this is the end result of what I came up with. All sorts going on here, there's his guitar on the metal studded wall, a keyboard hidden behind some clockwork and pipes and I drew Geddy as if it was a poster of him on the wall.
The idea is inspired by their Time Machine tour they did a while ago.
I will eventually draw the other two members of the band, with the same theme to match.
The actual portrait of Geddy is only about 15cm x 16cm, less than half the size of A4.

A4 (21cm x 29.7 cm) 220 gsm Winsor and Newton smooth cartridge paper.
Various grades of pencil ranging up to 6B, HB & 2B mechanical pencils(0.5mm), tortillions, tissues, cotton buds and erasers.

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