Eliza Dushku by DeanoSidwell

Eliza Dushku

by DeanoSidwell in Celebrity drawings

My drawing of the Actress Eliza Dushku.
This is one of the most detailed celebrity portraits that I’ve done.
The necklace she’s wearing probably took longer to do than any other part of the drawing.
It is definitely my favourite portrait that I have done.

Drawn around August/September of 2010.
I used HB and 2B 5mm mechanical pencil, HB 7mm mechanical pencil, various different grades of pencil ranging from 2H – 5B, blending stumps, tissues, kneaded and normal erasers, eraser pencil and lots of cups of tea.
You can see work in progress pictures of this here - http://deansidwellart.weebly.com/works-in-progress-gallery.html

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