Digital & Traditional Artist • --- ---

I am an Artist. Regardless of what I thought I wanted to be or what people expected me to be, I am an Artist. I'm genetically coded for this. Artistic talent runs in my blood. Over the years I've worked in many forms of art and as I grew older I felt a strong attraction to technology as well. Both these reason led me to earn 2 degrees; a Bachelors of Fine Art from the Illinois Institute of Art and the other, a Bachelor of Science in Networking and Communications management from Devry University. I also have Certificates in Digital Graphic Design, Web Development and Flash Actionscripting.

I love to design, draw, paint, sculpt, make music, write, film movies and work on a plethora of other activates that are considered artistic. I suppose I fall into the category of Multimedia Artist or Techno Geek. I mean I could go out on a limb and give myself a title like Multi Techno Artist or how about Techno Artist? Ok, I'll stop. Point is, I do what I do and I do it well.