F artist

I believe in my in now,
I believe in the imagination disinterested,
I believe in the gaze,
I believe in the sleepless nights,
I believe in the all-seeing mirror,
I believe in the inevitable martyrdom,
I believe in the words soft,
I believe in video games,
I think of as the "time" flies,
I believe in hatred as inner peace,
I believe in laughter,
I believe in the silences timely,
I think ... I think it fails to write,
In my friends,
But never in the friends of my friends,
I want to believe in them but not them,
At times myself alone,
In my most sinister desires,
In the voices,
In the sweetness of the strokes,
In the gut,
In the cold,
In pure ideas,
I believe in Ambrosia, a new White House,
But mostly I think that I may not stop making believe,
I think.