I'm old enough to have a day job, and I've been doing it long enough to be cynical about it.

I write computer games to pay my bills; It could be worse I guess. I have more hobbies than it would be possible to list here, so those that take up most of my time will have to do. I'm obviously into art, painting and drawing whenever I get the chance, I love artists like Patrick Woodroffe, MC Echer, Giger and Syd Mead.

As of some years now I'm a swordsman, I study 16th - 19th century western martial art forms, mostly Rapier, I might even become an instructor one day, we'll see. I also make boardgames, though I don't sell then (too much hassle) I do enjoy playing them with friends. Some of them have become quite popular. When the mood takes me I construct music to suite my mood.

I like coffee. I like a nice glass of port. I like open minded people and intelligent conversation. I hate stupidity and bigotry I probably dislike most of the human race. I like piece and quite. I hate conformity and trend following.

There you go, that's a little bit of me condensed into a profile.