Mirror, Mirror #2 "House of Mirrors" by DarkBrainComics

Mirror, Mirror #2 "House of Mirrors"

by DarkBrainComics in Mirror, Mirror

The cover of our second issue of Mirror, Mirror webcomic - see Brenna's journey for free at http://www.darkbrain.com

This web comic ran 20 pages but has so much "alternative content" based on user choices that it is 34 pages of art!

Art: Ryan Hawkins
Script: Wintress Odom , Michelle Friedrichs
Edits: N. Reese Bowden
Plotlines & Edits: Andrew Zar
Music: Gregg Rossetti
Voices: Bark at the Dog Productions and starring adult film legend TABITHA STEVENS as Brenna!
Lettering: James Abels

Characters, story and art are Copyright 2010, DarkBrain, LLC, All Rights Reserved

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