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One day, when I was about 5, I discovered that just by staying quiet and watching closely you can learn many things about other people. It's almost as if you could penetrate their minds and see them for who they really are. I noticed I ended up creating some sort of internal representation of them inside my head.
More than 20 years later I have taken in too many souls and now I can feel them all in my head at once. I try to get them out with each sketch. That's my background; I do this because I don't have a choice.

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    Sorry for the late responce, seems you've been doing ok with sorting your page out, the answer to your question is yes you can put a image as your background and make it "Tile" down or across the page, this is the code i put for mine to show the background.

    body {
    background: #121212 url(http://www.7spire.com/tricks/dark_2_copy.jpg) top center repeat-y;
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;
    background-attachment: fixed }

    repeat-y basically means it tiles it down the page, and background-attachment: fixed basically means the background is just that its "Fixed" and the text on the top scrolls down, so it looks better and doesn't mean the background moves which sometimes looks weird.

    Oct 3rd, 2007 Reply
  • DarkArtist


    Hi, just testing how this works...

    Sep 29th, 2007 Reply
  • DarkArtist


    catching some spirit on paper... hey, there goes another one!

    Jul 27th, 2007 Reply