DarkAraghel wrote to 7Shadows

Dear Meng,

My name is Pawel "DarkAraghel" Rejdak and I am Polish fantasy writer
who, despite of his young age has already published four books, many
novelettes and short stories, which has been awarded by Minister of
Culture of Poland himself with the Special Prize for Literature..

All about my literature works and achievements you can find in here -
Feel free to browse, you will get an idea of what I do, and mabye you
find it likeable. Not all english sections are implemented yet regrettably.

The reason I am writing to you is, some time ago I had found your art
and I truly fell for them. Your style is something I would like to see on the cover (and as inside
works/sketches/art as well) of my book.

What do you say ? Are you interested to work with me on this one ?

All details can be discussed, and Im sure we can come to an agreement.

Its yours isn't it ? -> http://shadowness.com/7Shadows/ensnare

Looking forward for your reply Meng,

Best regards, and sincere hugs form east europe
Pawel Rejdak

Mar 13th, 2013