Ariel by DanielBermea


by DanielBermea in For Fun

arm and chest - used pieces from the reference photo and then filled in the other areas in the middle and enhanced the chest. The majority of the bikini top is digital paint with reference from the image.

face- used the image below for the main features of the face and then using warp and paintbrush tool to fit it to the pose picture with some variation to make it look more natural.

body- used this as reference for part of the side of the stomach and filled in the rest by paint.

pose - this was a very helpful reference for the pose. Although i liked the original artwork i didn't want to over do the size of the breasts and kept it closer to the original character.

hair - some reference from the image below and some digital paint.

scales - the original link that i found for the texture expired but i took a screenshot of the original texture.

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