Diventare III (Angels are Weeping) by Dafca-dreams

Diventare III (Angels are Weeping)

by Dafca-dreams in Between a gray forest

"Blinded by pleasure we long to be free,
Striving towards something we no longer see;
The world is burning, our minds are on fire
Consumed and consuming in seething desire,
Slaves of sensation, there's something we've lost
We've ransomed our passion, heedless the cost;
Promethean god, we have seized the flames
But our theft is rewarded with eternal chains." (Michelle Belanger)


The third part of my drawing series "Diventare". If you want to see more of this you can follow me at my other accounts.

Many thanks to http://shadowness.com/Iriacrowvi for being my model for this. :)

2h, 4b, 6b, 8b & red chalk, 33.5x24


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