German -American-Photographer


Diploe Moaherr F ( based on a true story)


My name is Thorsten Paulinsky.

Born in Berlin Germany (may 1974)...I live in south Georgia USA.

Here is a summary of some of my accomplishments as an artist:

Cover artwork and comic illustrations for Ximag.
Cover artwork for Morpheus Tales, different gothic, tattoo and horror fanzines..... and much more. I was an art teacher (airbrush) and i did a lot of school workshops in the ghettos of Berlin.

A recent reviewer said the following:

"Thorsten Paulinsky's world is a dark one. His art is a mirror of the cruel and cold world inside his head. All the characters in his poems become a subject of his work as an illustrator. Word and image work together as one piece of art. All his art represents the dark and violent essence of todays society."...

Cover by Thorsten Paulinsky

The newest issue of Morpheus Tales arrived in my mail box last week. Once I opened the envelope and saw the cover art I had a feeling I was in for something special. I wasn’t wrong.

Thorsten Paulinsky,出生于德国的摄影师,现在定居在美国。文字​和图像一起作为艺术作品,所有的艺术代表了当今社会的黑暗和暴力​的本质。作为一个艺术家,这里的作品集就是他的“总结”。

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+W E L C O M E +Ohhh yes...Yes, I believe, I believe in death. Yes I believe in disease and injustice and in torture and in pain, hate and anger, yes I believe in slime and stink, ugliness and murder, yes I believe in corruption, self expression and self destruction, and..... yes I believe in you. +The legion.+ Thorsten Paulinsky,出生于德国的摄影师,现在定居在美国。文字​和图像一起作为艺术作品,所有的艺术代表了当今社会的黑暗和暴力​的本质。作为一个艺术家,这里的作品集就是他的“总结”。