The Nightfall by Cyg-x-1

The Nightfall

by Cyg-x-1 in Vibrant Earth

Coral Beach, Phuket, Thailand. I waited for 3 days for the low tide to be able to walk along that beach and reach this spot under that walkway, since in high tides there is no shore, everything is merged by water till the forest which is sieged as it's a part of a hotel. It was a long rough walk on these slippery rocks, but my dear wife insisted on accompanying me for help, and strangely it was a very inspirational walk, as she as well got inspired to write some prose about the place and the tides and how we waited for the low tide to do that walk! As for me, by the time we arrived and I set up my gear the sun was already gone (as I couldn't stop myself from using my camera while am on the way, shooting here and there! ), but anyway, that was the real magic, it was such a gorgeous sunset and the light was really amazing, I was blown away by the colors after I took the first exposure, I even didn't mess with anything in the post processing, just the usual curves and sharpening! It took me no time to compose the shot, it was like I knew exactly what I wanted, I even tried different compositions after I took this one, but that first was just the best

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