Silence ii by Cyg-x-1

Silence ii

by Cyg-x-1 in Atmospheres

This was shot on a small island in the Mediterranean coast in Egypt. This place is very dear to my heart specially that small island...I used to go to there since i was a little child, it have always been my favorite spot on Earth and a great inspiration. I always liked to swim to that island and feel this amazing feeling of being far away from reach, in the middle of nature... away from everything, I used to sit at these small rocky hills and gaze at the horizon, feel the wind blowing in my face, listen to the waves roaring under my feet and the seagulls flying all around... just sit there for hours, going from one hill to another, lying on the rocks and gazing to the clouds, or lying in some little pond on the island that was left over from a stormy day....

Now, since photography became a passion for me, I have been dreaming of capturing the essence of this place, not just because of its untouched beauty, but because of what it means to me, I wanted to have it always with me....

So, finally, I was brave enough and took that decision... I bought a small inflatable boat, a pair of flippers and set up a plan to let my equipment reach there safely.... It was not easy at ALLLL!!! The island is around 500 meters offshore, and the biggest problem was to land on the island with boat and equipment because of its sharp slippery rocky shore... So, I took as little filters and lenses as I can, wrapped them in the three plastic bags, each one is closed tightly and separately, did the same to the tripod.... threw them in the boat, put on the slippers.... prayed to God to not loose my camera.... then I dragged them behind me fast into the shore, to get through the waves before it turn the small boat upside down, and once i was in the deep water i started to swimming dragging the boat behind me with a rope!! It didn't take me long to reach, since i was using these flippers and swimming fast driven by the adrenaline in my blood, due to my fear to loose the equipment .... on the island shore, it was much harder to keep my balance and protect the boat from the waves and from being cut by the rocks at the same time.... but i did it!! and came back safely then tried the same trip the next day.... I guess with photography we should always try to push the limits!

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