Eternal Quest II by Cyg-x-1

Eternal Quest II

by Cyg-x-1 in Vibrant Earth

I have always seen sand dunes as a symbol of nature's beauty, how a vast space filled just with sand can hold so much beauty within. It is also a symbol of untouched primitive nature, as it is just formed by the wind, carrying the sand particles from one place to another. For millions of years, these wind currents have forged these wonderful shapes, scattered all over these vast landscapes, looking like a carefully sculptured and cut wooden surface, in some sort of a magical slowly occurring divine process.

For me, it is such a great pleasure sitting on these dunes, on the soft warm velvet sand, feeling the wind and watching it blowing the sand over the edge of a nearby dune... it’s like watching the hands of God in action, shaping the world we live in... or like witnessing a cosmic phenomenon, like a new star being born... since they are all about mere natural factors working together to create something new, without any interference... an endless hymn, that take place around us, without us even noticing...

I always wanted to capture these ideas with photography, and finally I think I am close in a way, these photos were shot in the desert around Siwa Oasis in Egypt. Our guide took us to this place, and the moment I stepped out of the car, I was charmed by its endless beauty, I noticed this blown away sand at a distance, I grabbed my zoom lens and looked into view finder, and here they were, these plaits of sand racing each other up the dune, and on the edge of the bright dune in the foreground you see this soft band, it is not out of focus, it is just the sand blown away!

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