A Journey In Time by Cyg-x-1

A Journey In Time

by Cyg-x-1 in Atmospheres

El Moez street, old town of Cairo... passing through one of the many famous ancient gates surrounding the old Cairo, feels like stepping into a gate in time, or a time machine that takes you centuries back, you can read lines of history written along the walls of its beautifully crafted buildings, layers of history stacked on top of each other... you see one ancient mosque and you say "what a beauty"... then you pass by another one and another, one mosque after the other, like they never end. And there is the so many antique shops, the owners they even seem different, as if they are too a part of this place, like they are visitors from the past who came along with it... you can just sit in a corner and watch the so many kinds of people passing by, natives, tourists and guides, sellers.. and even thugs... all mixed together and covered by this beautiful veil of history.

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