Mistaken Identity by Cutteroz

Mistaken Identity

by Cutteroz in Surreal

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"Even my mother never knew / That the face she saw was never true / In my room there lives no friend / For whom I must pretend"

Pale Forest - Mistaken Identity

Model: Gentleman's Club Stock

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  • Lyrilith


    Looks like a painting.. But is it? .o Or is it a manipulation? Reminds me a bit of Salvador Dali.
    Sadly I don't know the song.. But the picture itself has a strong atmosphere.
    I like that the lady has a normal womanly body (which means that she isn't so skinny). ^^

    Aug 15th, 2007 Reply
    • Cutteroz


      yeah, i sometimes leave the models in their normal shape (: thank you for the comments

      Aug 17th, 2007 Reply