Shadowness - Cursedonez A wannabe artist, trying to conquer the world =D Facebook: Deviantart: ... en Make Your Wish <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />Private commission. Colours done! =) Photoshop Cs5 2015 Mon, 30 Mar 2015 14:27:50 -0400 Make Your Wish <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />Hey there! Quite a long time huh? My newest artwork. Private commission 2015 Hugs! Fri, 20 Mar 2015 11:49:03 -0400 The Little Mermaid <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />Hey there, this is my first illustration for 2015. Hope you enjoy it! Cheers Sun, 11 Jan 2015 09:11:46 -0500 Icarus <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />Sorry for the photo, still need to buy a new scanner. Pencil and gold ink Sun, 26 Oct 2014 17:58:46 -0400 The Forgotten God - Poseidon <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />Hi there! I wanted to try a second time to paint something 100% digital. Hope you like it Photoshop CS5 2014 Fri, 22 Aug 2014 22:30:56 -0400 T h a n a t o s <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />Hello Hope you enjoy my latest artwork. Prints and Merchandising available here: Photoshop Cs5 2014 Thu, 21 Aug 2014 12:35:23 -0400 Thanatos <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />My first decent work in months! Enjoy it! Sun, 10 Aug 2014 19:23:39 -0400 Sailor Jupiter <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />The Last of the Inner senshi (maybe i'll go for the rest of them?) :3 btw loving the new anime =) Tue, 22 Jul 2014 10:47:12 -0400 Sailor Mars <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />My attempt to finish all Inner Senshi. enjoy Tue, 22 Jul 2014 10:47:12 -0400 Sailor mercury <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />hello mates! how are you?? Been ages since i uploaded anything here! Some fanart just for comemorate new sailor moon anime. Enjoy Tue, 22 Jul 2014 10:41:15 -0400