Tired face by Cryistall

Tired face

by Cryistall in 100% Traditional

...I think it speaks for me.

...oddly pleased with this.
Done completely with two mechanical pencils.

Please note these character designs are an original and the legal COPYRIGHTED property of myself.
Soul-Self = Cryistall AKA Cry is the LEGAL COPYRIGHTED property of Shauna "Silverwolf" McKean.
Reka Eledhwen Cryistall Rivers may not be reused, edited, copied or traced in any way.
Character may not be used in any forums, RP or chat boards without express permission.
Reuse of any images, material, or names in reference must have the written provable permission from the artist
and copyright holder, otherwise such is ILLEGAL use, called ART-THEFT; a legally punishable crime.

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