Tiger Lady by CreativeSam

Tiger Lady

by CreativeSam in 3D

Tiger Lady

Traci, while out shopping and spending her 'disposable income', she spotted, seemingly by chance, an odd looking curio shop. Her curiosity got the better of her and she dashed inside to have a look around, not really planning to buy anything. It was a warm summer's day and Traci's attire seemed to match the high temperatures predicted.

On a strange looking table, a strange looking gold bottle was advertised on sale for a strange cost reduction of 77.7% off suggested retail price. She immediately grabbed the item from the table, with out much thought and headed to store clerk to purchase the object.

The store clerk said to her "Excellent purchase, Traci! If you need anything else please come back soon!" Traci was so absorbed in peering over her new found acquisition she failed to notice what the owner had just said to her.

As Traci stepped out the door, she eyed something strange at the bottom of the bottle that shouldn't really be there, not at least in this climate anyways and was a bit shocked. Traci, however, would be much more shocked had she been aware of her current appearance! If only she had even just bothered to look at her own reflection in the store's glass window panes, as was frequently her habit...

* * *

Daz 3d studio: V3, MilCat, Tied Top from ShareCG, Antique and Modern Art store.

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