Giraffe Transformation by CreativeSam

Giraffe Transformation

by CreativeSam in 3D

Daz 3d Studio: V3, Share CG Giraffe obj file, Alchemy Chasm, Neko Hair, Suit and boots...

* * *

Zara, being blinded by an usual violet spot light, was disoriented. She knew she shouldn't enter the Forbidden Temple. "Too late now", she thought, as Zara's curiosity got the better of her.

Suddenly a booming voice resonated in her head, spoke "What do you want to become?" A childlike thought said "Giraffe!". Zara remembered the time, as a child, when she wanted to be a giraffe after an exciting field trip to the Zoo.

The loud booming voice said "So be it Child!" Zara's face felt funny, like it was stretching out of place. Zara's arm immediately shot up to feel her distended face. The sensations she felt with her hand did nothing to comfort her alarmed mind. Zara also noticed strange sensations coming from her midriff, like something was growing underneath her skin. Her other hand instinctively reached towards this odd, new body distortion. Zara's expensive outfit had also suddenly become tight in all the wrong places, something she would take up with the clothing designers at her earliest possible chance. Zara had more pressing concerns, however.

Zara immediately regretted the hasty mental outburst of her inner child...

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