Hear Me Oh Lord by CreativeOne

Hear Me Oh Lord

by CreativeOne in Roses

Well I remember, I remember, don't worry, how could I ever forget
It's the first time, the last time we ever met
But I know the reason why you keep your silence UP, oh no you don't fool me
Well the hurt doesn't show, but the pain still grows
It's no stranger to you and me
~Phil Collins~
Listen - http://youtu.be/ITJUS9a_XKA

Please check out another version of this by http://shadowness.com/Nora whom I gave permission to create here - http://shadowness.com/Nora/psalm-37

Thanking you in advance here for any favorites you may grant as I do truly
appreciate them.

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  • leiko


    Lol, I don't think I would have even realized her petals were placed together in a praying pose, without the title. It's great how you can see something more in something so normal.

    Jun 12th, 2011 Reply
    • CreativeOne


      I always look for the hidden meanings in things and thanks for your wonderful comments:D

      Jun 13th, 2011 Reply inspire & be inspired
  • Dynnnad


    Wonderful concept and a great find!

    Jun 12th, 2011 Reply