Disappearance by CreativeOne


by CreativeOne in Memorable Work


shadows falling on my day / and time is standing still / you see things in a different way / a way that no one will / they're going to take the very thing / that's closest to your heart / they cannot mend your broken wings / you knew it from the start / don't you want to take another look away / don't you want to play the whole thing down / don't you want to take another look away / don't you want to take a look around / maybe you could turn it all around / maybe have another go around / rivers rolling to the sea clouds are breaking high / you can't find tranquility where ever it may hide / you played the game and now it's time to keep the fire low / silver trains are rolling by you have no place to go / your eyes are dim your heart is blue / cause nothing ever lasts / it's all too many miles to you / the best of friends must pass

Listen here - THE CARS ― Take Another Look
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