Cartoon art •

Hendersen, USA

My, name is cornelius williams, I write films and draw cartoons for kids. I'm a Libra born on October 2nd, 1990. I was raise by my mother, who's also a wonderful painter with statues. I went to Art Instruction school, been there for only a year and half, almost finish up with the school pretty soon. The people that I admire is Charles Schulz, Steven speilberg, Ice cube, and most of all myself! LOL! My goal is to build my small studio of Myself and Mr.Pencil or it might be called, Nobel goes wonder studio. I love to draw cartoon comics and love to write action films like the one I just made, which it is called Black Guardian Soldier.
One day, I will have the right contact with someone who will help
that's already known for his/her work. That they will help present my