lincoln Big Hole Bead by Copperrein

lincoln Big Hole Bead

by Copperrein in Glass

On top of a red base I have added fine silver and encased it in clear glass...super heating the bead until small galaxies form. The hole diameter is 5mm and will fit most charm bead bracelets. The total size of the bead is about 3/8" wide by 1/2" diameter. You may find little bits of silver peeking out. They will be rough, but this is natural :)

Come check out my prices and other photos of this piece here:

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  • Submitted:Aug 4th, 2011
  • Resolution:1008x1008
  • Date Created:Jun 25th, 2011
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  • Camera:PENTAX K10D
  • Exposure:1/45
  • Aperture:f/6.7
  • Focal Length:35mm
  • ISO Speed:200
  • Flash Fired:Flash fired, compulsory flash
  • Software:Adobe Photoshop CS3
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