Xmas Tree by Christos

Xmas Tree

by Christos in Painting

The tradition of the Christmas tree is very old and symbolizes something different from place to place. But nobody really knows the true story of the Christmas tree and why people adorn it every year during Christmas.

One night, long,long time ago, Santa had gone out to share presents to the children like every Christmas. While he was trying to come out of a chimney, he stuck and on his try to unstuck himself he was thrown out with force, rolled through the roof and fell in the storehouse, breaking some bottles of wine that the owners were keeping especially for Christmas. The wine fell all over the Santa and of course he tasted it. It was so sweet that made him try more from the untouched bottles of the storehouse. So, the more he drank, the more he wanted, but he should continue his job too. There were many children that still waited their presents. He took some bottles with him and got on the sleigh, where his assistant, an elf, was waiting him.

Santa was laughing and singing because of the wine he had drunk and the sleigh was making maneuvers on the air during the flight. Suddenly, the sleigh passed through a hill on a low height and hit a tree. Many presents, sweets and toys were thrown from the sleigh and hooked on the tree or fell under it. The magic dust made it shine. The dawn a peasant went to the hill to cut some woods for the fireplace and saw it dazzled. The tree was so beautiful that he called all the other peasants to see it. So, every year people adorn a tree waiting to find presents under it.

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