The Way Home by Christos

The Way Home

by Christos in Painting

Many hours of painting and i lost the count :)
Photoshop Cs4

The story behind the artwork:

"This kind of elves is called mimidul. As it can be seen, their stature is minuscule and one of their main features is the ability to domesticate every woodland creature they want, in order to help them with their workload. In return the elves offer broth made by three different plant roots and one secret ingredient. The broth strengthens up to 10 times the body and the senses to whoever drinks it. It goes without saying that the elves aren’t an exception to this rule, because every morning they drink this broth. They pour a drop of it into clear water; the water takes a lovely blue colour and turns into a powerful magic potion that lasts for a whole day. So, despite their size, these elves are 10 times stronger than they look. They are brilliant, good workers and they build their houses inside the trunks of trees. Like all the other creatures, these elves prepare for the winter and use to travel miles and miles, in order to find supplies for them and their families."

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