Pumpkinhead by Christos


by Christos in Painting

Photoshop cs4

The story behind the artwork. The pumpkinheads come to life the night of halloween. They are born from a simple pumpkin, but what creates them is the blood that is spilled in the field where the pumpkins are planted.This is usually happening after a war when the battlefield is planted with pumpkins. The pumpkins search for a body in order to transform it into a very evil creature. This body is often a human body. Pumpkinheads are very slow without a body and do little jumps in order to move but they are very dangerous. They go to the yards and impersonate the decoration of halloween and waiting for their prey... When someone approaches to take a look, the pumpkinheads do a very big jump and eat the head of their prey and after that they take its place on the top of the body and the terror begins!!

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