elcarim of vigor  back by Christos

elcarim of vigor back

by Christos in Painting

"Elcarim of vigor (back cover)"


Artwork for the book "Elcarim of Vigor" The awakening of Gaia
The first book of the trilogy Authored by D. K. Mantzari

YYou can buy the book here(soon available in English) http://www.amazon.com/Elcarim-Vigor-awakening-Gaia-Greek/dp/147934477X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1349344229&sr=1-1&keywords=elcarim+of+vigor


Could he really see and breath underwater? That was absolutely irrational! Those stories about that world couldn't be real. But if they were... then could Narlend actually belong to this world?

Oraena was dreaming about traveling all around Gaia. The rustling of the leaves whispered to her the call of the panther; and she knew that the day she would finally meet him, was close.

In the libraries of the white city, he learned every hidden secret of that place. However one day, Anior would become king of the Maestros of the Winds and he should know...

The vision wouldn't leave her mind and she was determined to find that warrior. It was a difficult mission for Anainas Zora, though the power of the fire would protect and follow her everywhere.

He touched the amulet and the black stone revealed its dark plans... No one should ever find it! Eldon would be its guard till the end of his days.

The lives of five young people will be united in a strange way, through difficult and dangerous paths. The whole world of Gaia and the people of Melhid are in great danger. Will they be able to save them from this threat?

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